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- Anytime Bail Bonds -   586-630-5400
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Michigan Bail Bonds Team

Our team understands that having a loved one in Jail can be a difficult time, our agents  are here to help you thru the process and get your loved one's home quickly. 

  • Licensed Agents
  • Honest & Professional
  • Compassionate & Understanding
  • Most referred  Bail Bond Agency

Types of Bonds in Michigan

Michigan Has several types of bonds:

  • Felony and Misdemeanor bonds 
  • Appeal and Appearance bonds
  • Out of State Transfer  bonds 
  • 0% Surety bonds  

At Anytime Bail Bonds of Michigan we can help with the above bonds and more serving All counties.

Michigan Bail Bond Process

The First Step is to Contact Us, the faster we start working on the file the faster we can get your loved ones released from Custody!

  • Provide necessary Information 
  • Review your payment options
  • We Post Bail / Bond 
  • Your loved one is released

Investigation Services

Our Michigan agent are licensed private Investigators and currently work with some of the top defense attorneys in the State of Michigan.  

Easy Payment Options

At Michigan Anytime Bail Bonds we help you get your loved one released Fast and for as little and as easy as possible.

  • Financing Options
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the Michigan Bail Bond process can be difficult process to understand the process a little better, the link below will provide you with answers to many of the questions you might have.


In the event you have further questions, please fell free to contact us at any time.

Why Michigan Anytime Bail Bonds!

Any Jail - Any Court

Michigan Anytime Bail Bonds stands ready to help you and your loved one no matter where they are currently being held or for what.  With our extensive knowledge and experience we can help you get them released  - and back home where they belong quickly and for as little as possible.

  • Macomb County
  • Oakland County
  • Saint Clair County
  • Wayne County   - And More!

No Turn Down Policy

At Michigan Anytime Bail Bonds we believe everyone should have the same rights when it comes to getting released on Bond, Therefore we have a No Bond too small - No Bond too big Policy  - We just want to help you get your loved one home where they belong.

Why you should call us First

Michigan's Anytime Bail Bond Agents are Compassionate, caring , honest professionals that treat everyone with the same respect they deserve.

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